Top Health Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

October 1, 2013

You have probably heard about electronic cigarettes. It is a new way to still get the smoke minus the health issues. We have to face the facts that smoking is indeed dangerous. That is why it is best to take a look at a better alternative. Here are the top health benefits of electronic cigarettes that are worth considering and learn about the product at


 It helps you quit

A new study showed that electronic cigarettes are able to help smokers quit their nasty habit or at least lower the tobacco consumption. The study that was published in the Lancet used the results of the research that involved 657 smokers. This new study cemented the fact that electronic cigarettes are indeed helpful. It has debunked a lot of health concerns and highlighted one of the best benefits of smoking through vapes.

 It can have less nicotine

A smoker has no control how much nicotine they consume when they use regular cigarettes. This is something that you can possibly do with e-cigarettes. There are cartridges and kits that have fewer amounts of nicotine and there are even kits that offer no nicotine. Kits without nicotine are for users that want to experience smoking without the side effects of nicotine.


 It is so effective

People that are trying to solve their nicotine addiction sometimes use nicotine patches. But the patches do not give the same sensory perception of smoking. It is good to know that there have been studies showing that vapes are as effective as nicotine patches in providing relief to the nicotine addiction. Smokers are more enthusiastic in using vapes than nicotine patches according to a study. However, there is a need to have a bigger and more sophisticated study to confirm the potential of e-cigarettes to cease smoking altogether.


 It can relieve stress

The idea of smoking to relieve stress is as old as smoking itself. People use cigarettes as a form of stress relief. Whether or not the use of smokes does make one less stressed is something up for debate. While the jury is still out on the effects of smoking on lowering the cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body—electronic cigarettes provide a healthier alternative to regular smoking.


 It can be healthy

There have been talks that electronic cigarettes can actually cause cancer. This is not true and scientifically confirmed. Most kits contain nicotine and some ingredients that are not known to be carcinogenic. Although most kits are healthy there is no telling if the kits that are being peddled are too cheap which may raise the suspicion that there are ingredients that may indeed cause disease.

 There is no point in human history like today that the concern for smoking has been this immense and serious. Governments have been spending billions of dollars each year just to treat people that have been sick due long-term smoking. Not only that. People that have been exposed to the deadly fumes second hand are also in dire risk.

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